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Routines and Procedures

This year I have really taken the idea of Routines and Procedures quite seriously. I wanted to see if it really made a difference. So far, for me, it has made an incredible difference in the achievement of my students. It has also made a difference for me. I decided to take the concept one step further and assign myself Routines and Procedures. I thought to myself, “If this works for the students, why can’t it work for me?” So here and there I decided to think of ways that I could make my day more efficient. It has not only made my day more efficient, it has made the day go by faster and less stressful.

Here are a few of the Procedures and Routines that I have assigned myself.

Before School 

  • Organize the Desks
  • Write the Daily Schedule on the Board
  • Write the Bell Work
  • Take out the box of folders for Period 1 and place it on the cart by the door
  • Before I open the door to let students in, I look at the Daily Schedule and make sure that everything is prepared for each item.

During Class

  • I greet each student as they get their folder. Sometimes I hand them a piece of paper with the Bell Work on it or I hand them a graded assignment.
  • Help students stay on track by saying, “Get to work.”
  • When everyone is in their seats working, I close the door and say, “Buenos días, clase.”
  • During the 3 minutes of silent work time, I take attendance and enter in grades for that particular class on my iPad.
  • Then I mention the agenda for the day, we finish grading the Bell Work, and go through the agenda one by one.
  • At the end of class, the students put their folders away, I put their class box on the shelf and get out the next classes box.
  • I dismiss the students, not the bell.
As I was thinking about this routine, it first sounded really OCD. I continually asked myself if this was necessary. But it has made my life so much easier and stress free. I actually have more free time after school and usually get home by 4:15 – which is pretty good because I have a 25 mile commute. I can spend more time with my family and I am happier. Procedures and Routines have much needed order to my life and I hope that my students benefit from it as much as I have. So far, they have really embraced it and look forward to coming to class. I enjoy greeting them when they enter and seeing that we are forming a healthy working relationship. I am excited to see what the year will look like at the end.

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