Batman Smackdown! from Jim Tripp

Hello! Here is a class story from Jim Tripp. If you have a story that you would like me to post just send me an email.

Here is the link to the video on youtube


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4 responses to “Batman Smackdown! from Jim Tripp

  1. Jim Tripp

    looks like the video is a little out of sync with the audio. Did you have to do something different to get it up onto Youtube?

  2. Jim Tripp

    yeah, perfect! This story actually came from one of those Summer Props we do in Span. 2 at the start of they year. The girl had a picture of a bunch of lights on top of a building, so I went into class with “lights”, “building”, and “to see”, and it went from there. Lots of reps of “estaba luchando” and review of many structures from the the year before popped in also. If you’d like the text of this, email me at trippatmail2jimdotcom

    • thomasyoung

      I have been getting a lot of milage out of using a looser form lately. Similar to what you describe. It seems to make the year a little more fun while the students are getting a little cabin fever.

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